Château de Bourdeau

Faure Museum

34 Rodin’s sculptures and Great masters of impressionism.
This intimist museum, symbolises the refinement of the town in the golden age of thermal bathing. Established in a villa in 1900, it displays a vast collection of paintings and sculptures bequeathed to the town by Doctor Jean Faure, an enlightened art lover in the first half of the 20th century. Great masters of impressionism rub shoulders with the second largest collection of Rodin in France. Visitors of a literary inclination will appreciate the reconstruction of the room in the Perrier boarding house occupied by the poet Lamartine, a famous guest to the waterside town. A special visitors’ guide for a young public will arouse the curiosity of children. The cherry on the cake is the very beautiful view over the Lake le Bourget from the gardens.

Informations Covid19

En raison de l’évolution de la crise sanitaire, le Château a fermé ses portes.
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